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Signs It’s Time For A New Toilet

Your porcelain throne has been a faithful servant for the past 25 years.  Aside from the unfortunate incidents involving the spider-man doll being flushed and that ever-memorable Thanksgiving holiday episode with big-uncle-Mike, The John has been a reliable part of your plumbing system.  However, it’s looking a little ragged these days and the plunger seems to be getting much more use.  Maybe it’s time to replace your toilet.  Should I repair or replace you’re wondering.  

Here are a few signs you might want to replace the toilet:

You and your toilet share a birthday

If your toilet is as old as you, it might be time to think about replacement.  By no means are we calling you old!  As with any home appliance, toilets have a certain lifespan.  In theory, they can last 50 years if maintained properly.  A toilet has many working parts (flanges, flappers, tank-bowl seals, levers, chains, arms and more).  These parts can wear out, deteriorate or break during a toilets lifetime.  Some can be replaced with new parts, but if you find yourself spending more on parts, it might make sense to just replace your toilet.

A Crack In Your Tank

You walk into the bathroom one morning and notice a puddle on the floor.  Unless you have a child that hasn’t perfected his aiming skills, you might have a crack in your tank or bowl.  These can NOT be repaired – you need to either replace the cracked tank, bowl or entire toilet.  Cracks can happen becasue of a number of reasons (faulty installation, overtightening screws, wobbly toilet, and even plunging). 

Cracks can lead to more serious plumbing emergencies and should be addressed immediately.  Cracks are usually pretty easy to identify, especially if they are leaking.  If you suspect a crack, inspect both the inside AND outside of the tank and bowl.  Sometimes small, hairline cracks are not very visible (and may not even leak). If you need us to come out and inspect, we are always available and will provide you with an honest, no-nonsense solution to your issues.

The Leaky Toilet

Another reason for that puddle on your floor could be a leak.  Cracks in the tank, even hairline cracks are usually pretty easy to detect.  Leaks can be harder to find.  Sometimes a toilet leaks for months without being noticed.  The water may be going down under the linoleum tile or subfloor and doesn’t present until you find that it has shown itself or badly rotted the floorboards.  If a sneaky leak isn’t noticable, there are other tell-tale signs that you can look for, like an unexplained increase in your water bill.  If you do have a leak, it’s probably going to be best to replace the toilet and potentially your flange and even rotted flooring.

It's Wobbly

A concert is supposed to rock – not your toilet!  A wobbling, unsteady or rocking toilet can indicate more serious issues like a broken or detiorated flange or rotted flooring.  You can try to tighten up the mounting bolts, but if that doesn’t work, give us a call.

Your Toilet is A Water-Waster

Outdated toilet models consume between three to five gallons of water per flush, leading to higher water bills. To enhance efficiency, modern designs utilize less than two gallons per flush. This increased efficiency and cost-saving feature often persuades numerous homeowners to upgrade their toilets.

It's Oooollldd!

The average time a person spends on the toilet during their lifetime is 92 days! Consider that the majority of bathroom visits occur in the home, with multiple individuals using a single toilet, resulting in extensive usage for a single unit. Age plays a pivotal role in deciding when to replace your toilet. Theoretically, toilets can endure for up to 50 years. However, in reality, components deteriorate, repairs become frequent necessities, and efficiency gradually diminishes. Ultimately, there comes a point when it’s time to bid farewell and give that Loo its last flush.

You Deal With Frequent Clogs

All toilets clog occasionally, even the best ’14 golf ball’ toilet.  However, if your breaking out the plunger more than twice a month, you might want to consider replacing the toilet.  Frequent clogs could also be an indicator of another issue deeper in your plumbing system like pipe obstructions or roots.

If unsure, give us a call.  our expert plumbers can assess your situation, video inspect your plubing lines and provide drain cleaning or rooter service if needed.

The No-Flush Toilet

Unless you have an outhouse (and we hope you don’t), there is no such thing as a no flush toilet. There is, however, the toilet that won’t flush.

You can’t plunge this one and you can’t jiggle the handle and make it work. The non-flushing commode means you have serious toilet trouble.

We know a broken toilet is a real inconvenience, especially if you only have one in the house. Many people make a non-flushing issue worse because they start poking around in the toilet with various objects.  When a toilet just won’t flush, it’s probably a good time to think about replacing it.

Now that you know the warning signs of a failing toilet...

If you’ve had enough of the clogging intervals, the added expense in parts, the inconvenience of ‘down-time’ of your favorite ‘Think-Tank’ and want to replace your toilet, give Top Notch Plumbing a call.  Our professional, courteous techs will provide you with the best replacement for your needs.  Whether your looking for an ultra-eco-friendly model, a higher level ADA toilet, a dual flush toilet, touchless flush toilet or just a good overall gravity-flush toilet, we can help.

How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

Barring any other major repairs, the general cost of of a toilet replacement ranges between $350 and $750.  Certain factors like labor cost, old toilet removal, inlet valve/shutoff replacement and flange replacement can affect the cost.  

The type of toilet you choose is another factor.  Considering the usage these units get, you want a reliable toilet for your home or business. So investing in a high-quality brand now will likely mean a longer toilet lifespan and fewer repairs down the road, potentially saving you money in the long run. The typical cost of a standard, good quality gravity flush toilet is about $375.  If you want an eco-friendly dual-flush toilet, expect to pay about $500.  An uplflush/macerator type toilet averages about $1,000.

All the plumbing services you need, in one place, including professional, affordable toilet replacement. If you’re seeing signs that your toilet needs to be replaced, trust the professionals at Top Notch Plumbing. We serve the Greater Lehigh Valley Area and the Pocono Region in Pennsylvania.  give us a call at 484-627-1851 or visit our website at: https://topnotchplumbingpa.com.